C++ developers are wanted for work in central Kyiv

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www.Futurista.sk is looking for 2 experienced Senior C++ developers, who are interested in work at well-established outsourcing company in central Kyiv .

Net month salary varies from USD 3 200 to USD 3 800.

If you might be interested, please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to recruiting@futurista.sk

C plus plus Kyiv

Position 1 (based in Kyiv or Remote)

(Windows C++ Developer, Video Software Engineer)

Minimum qualifications:

• Experience in software design, solving problems and debugging.
• Experience programming in C++ (5+ years).
• Knowledge of the digital image processing,
• Experience in creation and maintenance Windows UI (preferably .NET, WPF)
• Experience with source code control, bug tracking systems, CI.
• Good written and oral communication skills, English

Preferred qualifications:

• Experience in video processing (creating and customization of DirectShow filters, H.264 codec)
• Knowledge of Computer Vision algorithms and frameworks
• Experience in supporting legacy codebase.

Position 2 (based in Kyiv)

Senior Linux C/C++ Developer

Required skills:
• Good knowledge of cmake, make build system.
• Good knowledge shell/python scripting,
• Excellent C/C++ experience (4+ years),
• Good GDB usage skills
• Knowing Red hat, CentOS, Ubuntu x86/x64,
• Creating deb/rpm installers,
• Have experience in device management (USB, Media devices, HID)
• Technical level of English skills
Desired skills
• Understanding of SIP, SDP and RTP/RTCP/RDP protocols
• Understanding of ICE/STUN/TURN protocols
• Knowledge in VoIP
• Understanding of media processing (coding/decoding audio/video)

Project description
We are developing software for audio-video conferencing.
Desktop application contains C++ module and Web/OSX/Android UI applications.
Java conferencing server incorporates software MCU (media processing/transcoding unit)
C++ module encapsulated:
SIP with SDP signaling protocol
H323 protocol signaling
RTP/RTCP/RDP media transmitting
Video/audio decoding and encoding
Video/audio playback and capturing
Successful candidate will meet the following requirements